23 Hilarious Funny Texts and messages clean dunk



  1. Posted by ihardlyknower, — Reply

    Or it could be a fun sarcastic way of saying use some freaking manners and ask me politely or make the gotdang chicken nuggets yourself!

  2. Posted by KatvCrouch, — Reply

    I think the long drawn out stone faced explaining is hilarious. But I've tried it...they didn't😬. You'll probably get something like "it's a joke! JeEz!"😳

  3. Posted by katnissgranger19, — Reply

    O frick I'm one of those people who sees themselves as the parent of the friend group so my catchphrase is "hi hungry I'm dad" none of my friends can see this 0-0

  4. Posted by nunuwilliams793, — Reply

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  5. Posted by ThePeculiarNerd, — Reply

    My mom just says, eat fruit. Bitch you know very well that the only fruit in this house is a singular apple that has been moulding in the back of the fridge for weeks.

  6. Posted by gesinadavis, — Reply

    Why are people over reacting about this like, honestly I just tell my Mom I’m hungry so she can give me ideas of what to eat...AND it doesn’t say that they’re telling their parent to make them food their just stating the fact that they are hungry for chicken nuggets! JEEZ

  7. Posted by AlmightyPeridot, — Reply

    Say my light pinkish internal organ located approximately beneath my left rib is yearning for food, therefore creating the feeling of hunger, my name is not hungry, you should know that, you are my mother/father and I am also your kin, I'm not introducing myself, I'm askiNG FOR SOME GODDAMN CHICKEN NUGGETS

  8. Posted by dcpharmd, — Reply

    When you see a good reaction to hi hungry, I’m dad (or mom), what do you think of? When I see it, I think of Adam or SomeThingElseYT saying “Mother, I require sustanance” or something like that, in one of his animation videos.

  9. Posted by smolhunterchild, — Reply

    My dad actually said "I'm hungry" once and I took the opportunity and said "Hi Hungry, I'm daughter", thus stopping a fight between my parents.

  10. Posted by irenadevereau, — Reply

    "Mom, I'm hungry." "Hi Hungry, I'm mom." " I know you're mom, I called you that first. Can we get back to the food please?"

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