32 Great Pics And Memes to Improve Your Mood


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  1. Posted by sternje17, — Reply

    It's worse. They literally chew them because shoes smell like us and they want to feel close to us. Apparently, they'll choose sunglasses over shoes for chewing, because sunglasses smell like the faces they want to lick.

  2. Posted by gaylenesanchez, — Reply

    They do, my healer use to not let me put my shoes on without trying to rip them outta my hands so I wouldn't leave!!

  3. Posted by leeannhagerman, — Reply

    Mine used to chew on the walls. Come to find out I read he was trying to get out and look for me

  4. Posted by shaunahosegood, — Reply

    I absolutely believe that. My dog will block the door when I have to leave. Awe 😍

  5. Posted by mayabonnell, — Reply

    Awwww I never thought about that 🐾🐾

  6. Posted by leine3172, — Reply


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