49 Fresh Pics Packed To The Brim With Cool


A fine selection of funny memes and pis to make your day that much better.


  1. Posted by luna7327, — Reply

    lmao my friend once interviewed me and asked me to tell her about myself and I talked about me moving around houses not like anything about my personality πŸ’€

  2. Posted by YourIndieGirlfriend, — Reply

    Lol that is so me! I cant even explain myself like when there is a question like, explain yourself in three words and im like, nice?

  3. Posted by JustYourEruditeFriend, — Reply

    Me: *has playlist of 54 songs* Friend: What's your favorite song? Me: ..Uhm.. I.. Uh..

  4. Posted by bluebeka4100, — Reply

    Well let's see... Umm... I was born on my birthday...

  5. Posted by ifrickedurmom_, — Reply

    I was born in a very young age

  6. Posted by Hailereo23, — Reply

    I’m in this picture and I don’t like it

  7. Posted by peachy_poo, — Reply

    β€œWhat have you been up to lately?” Uhhh... life?

  8. Posted by mads22_2003, — Reply

    Bruh that just happened to me at an interview πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Posted by chabonbonne, — Reply

    'I work in a bakery'

  10. Posted by peopleamazeme, — Reply

    [Insert the kid stuttering meme] 😭

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